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Kicks Machine

Shoe Care Kit | Ultimate Sneaker cleaning kit | Kicks Machine

Shoe Care Kit | Ultimate Sneaker cleaning kit | Kicks Machine

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The Kicks Machine Shoe Care | Ultimate  Sneaker cleaning kit

Includes a 118ml bottle of Premium Shoe Cleaner, Shoe Cleaning Brush and a Microfiber Cloth. Our gentle foaming solution effectively cleans and conditions, removing dirt and stains.This is a ultimate sneaker cleaning solution for you Sneakers whether be it a Grail pair for you or your every day beater.1 Kit can clean upto 25 Sneakers.

Compatible with Adidas, Nike, Jordans, Dunks, yeezy
Materials which it can be used on : Rubber , Canvas, Leather, Linen, Plastic,  Nylon and Vinyl

Avoid using on suede and Nubuck

How to Use :

Step 1

First, brush any excess dirt off the shoe and remove the laces. Next, add a few drops of  cleaning solution in a bowl full of water and wet the bristle brush in it . Remember, it is concentrated, so a little goes a long way!

Step 2

Gently begin scrubbing the entire surface area of the shoe . Work from bottom to top and don't forget the out soles!

Step 3

Wipe excess solution clean with our microfiber cloth and check out the results. Keep brushing and wiping until the shoe is perfectly cleaned.


Step 4

Clean your laces in a solution of water and cleaner, let soak while you clean your shoes. After that, you are ready to check out the results and rock your fresh kicks!

Here’s what’s included in every kit:
 1 Bottle of Shoe Cleaner (118ml)
 1 Brush
 1 microfiber towel

1: Do not rub on skin or eyes, might cause irritation
2: Do not swallow

Shipping & Returns

We offer two shipping options: Free standard and express. Free Standard shipping usually takes 4-8 business days to arrive, while express shipping takes 2-4 business days.

Returns only accepted in case of defective product or manufacturing defect.

What's Inside?

 1 Bottle of Shoe Cleaner (118ml)
 1 Brush
 1 microfiber towel

Frequently Asked Questions?

  1. How many uses can I get out of one kit?
    Answer: You can clean around 25 sneakers with one kit.
  2. Is the kit safe to use on all types of Sneakers?
    Answer: Yes, our kit is safe to use on all types of sneakers like Jordans, Yeezy, Dunks ,New Balance, UltraBoost, Adidas, Nike, Air Force 1, etc.
  3. What comes in the sneaker cleaning kit?
    Answer: Our sneaker cleaning kit includes a 118ml premium cleaning solution, a soft-bristled brush, and a microfiber towel.
  4. Is the kit safe to use on all types of shoe material?
    Answer: Yes, our kit is safe to use on all types of sneakers including leather, suede, canvas, and more.
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Customer Reviews

Based on 323 reviews
Aayush Singh

It's Amazing ❤❤❤

Jhanvi Patel
Great system to clean your shoes

This is a review from a sneaker-head. This product is awesome to clean your shoes in case you have a little accident. It is safe on all my Jordan's and is a great product overall. I will recommend this product 100%

Malavika Nair
Absolutely Amazing

This is the 1st review I've ever made, but that's how awesome this stuff is. This stuff simply works and works well. its more like a 10 star kind of product. SERIOUSLY!

Priti Banerjee
Like NEW

Saved my Favorite Pair of Shoes!

Ashish Patel
Gets the job done!

Used this on my white Air Force ones and it was great for cleaning the dirt and whitening them up.

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